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The Huddle #11: Ch-ch-changes

Full disclosure: I almost didn’t send The Huddle this week. To say that I’ve had writers block the past few days would be an understatement. Amid some changes happening, I’ve had a hard time finding stillness. 

Last week, I attended a meditation training. I sat down to meditate and tried my best to calm my mind, but I struggled. You know how it is- the over-thinking, the analyzing. I tried to carve out breathing room between my thoughts, but the clutter was overwhelming. Just as I would begin to feel the whisper of bliss, the freedom of transcendence, it would be gone before I could find it again. Cue the chaos. 

Do you ever feel like everything around you is changing? Or your life is five steps ahead of you, and you’re playing catch up? Summer travel plans are here before you know it, and the next thing you know you’re home from vacation and back to reality. Or friends are moving far away and you’re still trying to figure out how much longer you want to stay in your rent controlled apartment? Or you visit older relatives and notice they look ten years older than the last time you saw them... a few months ago...

Everything is changing. Nothing is permanent. 

And yet. 

As my instructor, Erin Ward, reminded us in my class  the other day (The Class by Taryn Toomey, check it the hell out), “There is a place in you that is unchanging.” 

This place, whatever you want to call it- your Light, your Home, your Sanctuary, your Soul- is the only thing that truly matters, and it is the only thing that is permanent. It is far away from ego. Far away from the To Do lists and the problems that need solving, from comparing ourselves to others, from grasping and gripping and clawing our way through life’s unexpected obstacles. 

So, forgive me while I find my footing. I'll be taking this week to climb into the heart of Me, and once I get there, I'll settle in, catch my breath, and then take a step forward. This is not the time for flying by the seat of my pants. In order to work with ch-ch-ch-changes, I’ve got to plant my feet in the Unchanging. 

If you’d like to join me, I’d love some company. 

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