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The Huddle #2: You can't hurry love (or anything else).

Over the past six months or so - like so many others, I have known Change was coming. I’ve been feeling the pulse of transformation in my bones - long before I identified the external forces of work and family driving it. Sometimes it feels like a monster lurking in my closet, sometimes it feels like a storm brewing, or energy buzzing right underneath my skin.

I have found myself frantically scraping together clues about what my next chapter needs to look like: scavenging LinkedIn for jobs I’m not sure I want, journaling my thoughts, hopes, fears, and desires, developing an addiction to Oprah's Super Soul podcast, and yes, reading my horoscope.

There are two types of people in this world: those who love astrology (whether or not they actually believe it), and those who hate it (HI, Pisces!). I fall in the former category. I identify as a Sagittarius sun, Leo moon and Gemini rising. I gobble up my horoscope each time my mom sends it to me and scour it for mysteries of the universe: should I go out tonight? (No.) Should I buy these shoes?? (Also no.) Will I meet my husband on a dating app? (Unclear.)

Enter: The new moon. The new moon in Taurus begins tonight, bringing with it a slow, unraveling change. Taurus reminds us that transformation is not a strike of lightning, but a flower seed buried in the soil. The seed is growing. Stop trying to dig it up.

Whether it's a relationship, a job, an answer from the universe, change happens when it is meant to happen, when we allow it to, albeit painstakingly slowly, reveal itself. This week, play with the thought that there is no rush. Trust that whatever growth you seek is being tended to, and then let it be.

You can't hurry, love.

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