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The Huddle #6: Class of 2019…

Graduation season is here! As I write this, my fifth graders are laying out their fancy clothes for our promotion ceremony tomorrow (needless to say, this is objectively the cutest day of the year). The air is saturated in goodbyes, new opportunities, celebratory toasts, and “what am I doing with my life?”s. What a time to be alive!

When I was their age, I had the idea that I would wake up one day and be A Grown Up. I would have all my shit together, the keys to the all the unanswered questions of the universe in my pocket.




Forget the keys to the universe. If I remember my house keys, it’s going to be a great day. Shit together? By many standards, no. But I’ve gained some perspective - enough to realize that growing up happens over and over again, and that being a relentless practitioner in the process of growing up, that is where the magic lies.

To all of you out there graduating from the school of “I’m not good enough” into the world of “I am enough,” I see you.

To my friend who is graduating from Always Late to Sometimes Late, I see you.

To everyone graduating from toxic relationships, toxic self talk, or toxic habits, I see you.

To those graduating geographically, taking a leap and moving across the country, across the state, or across town, I hate to see you go, but I love to watch you leave

You all are doing some really amazing stuff out there. Cap and gown or not, your graduations are worth celebrating.

So, a toast to us - the graduates. Congratulations! We did it! WE ARE DOING IT!

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