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The Huddle #9: Let The Sun Shine

This past Friday, we celebrated the longest day of the year. On the Summer Solstice, the sun shines down on us and illuminates every fiber of our being. Our joys, our hopes. It’s invigorating. Everything is lighter. Everything is brighter. It’s worth noting though, that on these long summer days, you are more visible than ever. There is no hiding. For better or for worse, you are seen. This might mean literally, if you live somewhere where the weather gets warm and you are showing a little more skin these days. This might mean other parts of you are showing themselves as well. Perhaps you’re traveling with a new companion and discovering you Must. Stick. To. The. Schedule. Or perhaps you’re the only single person in a wedding party and your loneliness can’t help but rear its ugly head. All parts of you deserve to be seen, but on your way to the light, can you show yourself a little mercy? Before the wedding, before the hard conversation. Hell, before you go swimsuit shopping. You owe it to yourself to take a moment, go to your well of mercy, and pump as much forgiveness, acceptance, friendliness, and love for yourself as imaginable out of that well and into your heart? I’m not talking “It’s fine. I’m f

ine.” I’m talking “I f**king love you. And I hear you. And you’re not wrong to feel this way. And… it

will get better.” And then go get em’ tiger. You know how I know you’re not afraid of the light? Because you ARE light. You are a beaming, radiant work in progress. And, most of all, you are not alone. You have you. So, go on. Let the sun shine.

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