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The Huddle #45: What Is Happening?

Well, this is crazy. Let me start by saying that your health is our priority here at The Huddle, and in order to keep germs from spreading, we have wiped this email with hospital-grade disinfectants. We also ask that you wash your hands before opening this email and refrain from touching your face while reading. Just kidding.  … too soon?  Look, I don’t have much wisdom for you today. I just want to let you know that, In these uncertain, toilet paper-strained times, I’m here. No one knows what the f*** is going on, and we’re all wishing we’d just bit the bullet a long time ago and bought ourselves a Tushy. If you’re stressed, scared, or nervous about spending all this quality time with your five roommates, you’re not alone. I’m right there with you.  Buddhist writer Pema Chodron says that the only times we’re actually “living” is when we’re living in the unknown, in the discomfort. And though many of us might feel super comfy cozy working from home for a while, we’re bound to get uncomfortable at some point- whether it’s in being stuck inside, out of our routine, or we may even feel physically uncomfortable (anyone else out there feeling a little couch potato-y right now, or is it just me)?  If we have the time and energy, and if we choose to, we get to step out of our comfort zones during this time of uncertainty, and awaken to parts of ourselves we hadn’t previously dusted off and gotten a good hard look at. Which, if we let it, could be kind of exciting.* We could find some time in our day to take a big, brave step into the unknown and live fully. This could happen via meditation, journaling, or even a chat with a trusted friend.  I made an attempt to begin this conversation with myself yesterday. I did some meditation and then, prompted by a spiritual coach that I follow on Instagram, I asked myself these two questions: “What am I missing (in other words, what am I not seeing that could be helpful, could even be right in front of me)?” and “What am I stepping over (in other words, what am I seeing but ignoring or putting off)?” ** I  found myself to be surprised at the answers that revealed themselves to me, as well as grateful that I actually have the time to keep turning these questions over in my mind and playing with them as the days continue to unravel (albeit very slowly).  You get to choose what your time will look like over these next few weeks- and may I remind you, there is no one right way to quarantine oneself, other than the whole quarantining part. Do what you want- binge Netflix, read, drink wine, dance, meditate, do yoga, call your grandma. Cope how you need to. Numb your senses, come alive to them or find some combination of the two. But when you feel brave and willing to venture into the unknown, to quiet the external world and give your inquisitive mind some air time, I think you might surprise yourself when you find what’s on the other side.  One more thing- if you’re anxious, lonely, or just want to FaceTime and drink wine/tea/kombucha together, let’s do it. I also love emails, calls, and walks with three meters of separation between us. I do not, however, participate in elbow bumps- not because of germs, but because I find them to be incredibly f***ing stupid. 

*Which is not to say that there are many people suffering right now due to COVID-19. Not everyone has the capability to use this time to slow down and refocus. You can click here to donate to the city of San Francisco or the SF Food Bank to help out people in our community who are struggling.  **Questions taken from spiritual coach and yoga teacher Jamie Lugo.

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